Contigo® Bulk Spices

Contigo® Bulk Light Chili Powder, Ground Cumin, Granulated Garlic, and Ground Black Pepper are all packed in a five-pound form fill and seal bag in a box. This packaging allows for accurate packing during production, a tamperevident package upon delivery to the customer, convenient storage, and saves the cost of a plastic container. Contigo® Bulk Spices ensure top quality with the best value available. Contigo® Bulk Spices are cleaned, sterilized, ground, milled, and roasted in an SQF level 2 HACCP-certified production facility for optimum quality. Direct importing of these spices also controls consistency and customer satisfaction. All these efforts create a supply chain focused on costeffectiveness, quality, freshness, and flavor.

This portfolio of Contigo® Bulk Spices selected for the Contigo® brand is targeted to the Latin and Hispanic markets but is also ideal for any other application that requires freshness and flavor in high-volume seasonings.

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