Authentic Latin flavor and quality.

We are proud to present Contigo® Corn and Flour Tortillas & Pre-Cut (RTF) Tortilla Chips.

Flour Tortillas

Contigo Flour Tortillas come in various sizes, allowing for a wide range of use for traditional and non-traditional dishes. The six and eight inch Contigo® Tortillas may be used for fajitas, small wraps, and quesadillas. The larger Contigo® Tortillas, which are ten and twelve inches in diameter, may be used for burritos, quesadillas, and wraps. You can get even more creative with our tortillas and make desserts like Cannoli Chimichangas!

Contigo® Pre-Cut (RTF) Tortilla Chips

Corn Tortillas

Contigo Yellow or White Corn Tortillas offer a wide variety of delicious cooking options. The most popular use for the 6” Contigo Yellow or White Corn Tortillas is soft tacos, enchiladas and fajitas, but can also be used for migas, tostadas, and even crepes.

Pre-cut (RTF) Tortilla Chips

Contigo Pre-cut (RTF) Tortilla Chips are perfect for any restaurant or chip frying operation. Ready-to-Fry yellow corn or white corn chips may be used for creating various nacho combinations or for simply dipping into your favorite salsa. The serving options are endless and are great options for large parties and a variety of customer markets.

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