Contigo┬« Enriched American Jasmine RiceContigo® Enriched American Jasmine Rice is also know as “fragrant rice.” Jasmine rice gets its name not from its fragrance, but from its color. The color resembles that of a jasmine flower, a pale tint of yellow.

Contigo® Enriched American Jasmine Rice is very similar to basmati rice, but jasmine rice does not have as strong a flavor or as firm a texture as basmati. Jasmine rice provides a sweet and nutty flavor, a distinctive aroma of buttered popcorn, and delicate consistency. Contigo® Enriched American Jasmine Rice pairs well with the spices used in many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, and is the most commonly used rice in Persian cuisine. The popularity of jasmine rice continues to grow as a preferred rice used in Mexican and Latin inspired dishes. With Contigo® Enriched American Jasmine Rice, operators will have a product that is easy to store, and easy to prepare.

Contigo® Enriched American Jasmine Rice is ideal to use as a side dish, in a soup or stir-fry, served with curry, or as an ingredient in Arroz Con Leche (Rice Pudding). The benefit is quality domestic jasmine rice from a respected supplier at a competitive price. Operators can prepare Contigo® Enriched American Jasmine Rice in advance and store refrigerated for 3 to 5 days. This rice is available for purchase in 25-50-lb. Contigo® branded bags.

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