Contigo Hot Sauce BottlesSaucy Showdown: Elevate Every Bite 

Fire up your your culinary experience with Contigo Hot Sauces, meticulously crafted from premium ingredients and boasting distinctive, fresh flavors that will invigorate any dining table. Our peppers are carefully cultivated and sourced exclusively from the rich soils of Mexico.

Whether you're enhancing the cooking process or seeking the perfect condiment, Contigo Hot Sauces offer versatility and culinary finesse.

  • Signature flavors with unique chile pepper profiles: Red Habanero, Green Habanero, Chile de Arbol, Poblano & Habanero, and a sauce specially crafted for seafood
  • Packaged in 12/5 fl. oz. glass bottles per case
  • 18–24 month shelf life
  • Chile de Arbol available in grab-and-go portion control pouches
  • One-of-a-kind label designs
  • Competitively priced

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