Contigo® Imported Thai Jasmine Rice

Performance Foodservice proudly presents Contigo® Imported Thai Jasmine Rice. Contigo® Imported Thai Jasmine Rice is an aromatic “long grain” rice where each grain is about four times as long as it is wide. It is sourced from Thailand, which provides an ideal growing environment with flowing rivers and waterways. Jasmine rice is a favorite multipurpose rice. It is used widely in Southeast Asian cooking, Asian or Middle Eastern markets, and is a preferred premium rice in Latin and Hispanic restaurants. With Contigo® Imported Thai Jasmine Rice, operators will have a product that is easy to store, and easy to prepare.

Contigo® Imported Thai Jasmine Rice has a slightly sticky consistency, a beautiful translucent color, and an aroma reminiscent of fresh popcorn. This rice is ideal to use as a base for stir-fries, as a side dish for grilled, fried, or slow-cooked foods like roasts and stews. It is also ideal to use in bowls, curry dishes, wraps, served under grilled or baked fish, or even as an ingredient in a dessert.

The benefit is quality Imported Thai Jasmine Rice from a respected supplier at a competitive price. Operators can prepare Contigo® Imported Thai Jasmine Rice in advance and store refrigerated for 4 to 6 days. With the addition of this rice, there is an opportunity to expand the Jasmine rice offering to specific makets and customers. This rice is available for purchase in 50-lb. Contigo® branded bags.

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