Contigo® Prewashed Pinto Beans, Triple Cleaned Pinto Beans, and Triple Cleaned Black Beans.

Performance Foodservice proudly presents Contigo® Prewashed Pinto Beans, Triple Cleaned Pinto Beans, and Triple Cleaned Black Beans. These bean varieties are domestically grown, clean, convenient, and some of the best tasting beans in the industry. They are packed in convenient 50-LB bags. Operators will save time and labor and get a product that is easy to store, free of debris, and easy to prepare.

Dried Pinto Beans are thought to be America’s favorite bean and are the most widely produced bean in the United States. The word “pinto” in Spanish means “painted.” Pinto beans are light brown in color with tinted streaks of darker brown or mahogany red, and when cooked their splotches disappear and they become a beautiful pink color.

Contigo® Prewashed Pinto Beans are ideal for operators who do not have time to rinse or sort beans. These beans are ready to go straight to the kettle and are guaranteed to be free of foreign material. Contigo® Triple Cleaned Pinto Beans are sent through several machines to remove all foreign material originating from the field and harvesting process of these beans. With a quick rinse, these beans are ready to be cooked. Contigo® Prewashed Pinto Beans and Triple Cleaned Pinto Beans make a great side dish for many meals, a hearty chili or soup, and even a great meatless option for the center of the plate.

Contigo® Triple Cleaned Black Beans are small, oval to rectangular in shape, and black in color with a white eye. These beans contain less than 1% of foreign debris and are packed with antioxidants, fiber, protein and carbohydrates, making them nutritionally powerful. Contigo Triple Cleaned Black Beans are ideal for side dishes, dips, chili, soups, burritos, and more.

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