Contigo® Queso Fresco Wheels

We proudly introduce Contigo® Queso Fresco Wheels to our portfolio of Cheeses in the Contigo® brand. This authentic Mexican-style fresh farmers' cheese is made with 100% rBGH artificial hormone-free, Grade A pasteurized whole cow's milk. The term "fresh cheese" means this cheese is made and consumed rather than aged. Contigo® Queso Fresco is all-natural, free from additives, artificial colors, and flavors, preservatives, and is gluten-free and non-GMO.

This crumbling cheese is light with a fresh creamy flavor and beautiful appearance which makes it a quintessential part of many Mexican and Latin dishes. Contigo® Queso Fresco is easy to crumble, cube, and soften with heat without melting, making it ideal as a finishing cheese. Crumble it over salads, tacos, soups, Elote (Mexican-style street corn), antojitos (little appetizers), stuffing chiles relleños, beans, or other applications. Packed in four vacuum-packed 5-lb. wheels per case, Contigo® Queso Fresco is now available to order!

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