Cookielossus® Giant Pan Chocolate Chip CookiePerformance Foodservice is pleased to announce our Cookielossus® Giant Pan Chocolate Chunk Cookie in our Heritage Ovens brand. This gigantic cookie favorite is back with its 8” in diameter size and 11.5 ounces of ooey gooey chocolate chip goodness. This is available immediately.

Packed 24 cookies per case, Cookielossus® Giant Pan Chocolate Chunk Cookie is the newest SKU joining the 23 other frozen SKUs in Heritage Ovens® Pre-portioned Raw Cookie Dough, Baked, Thaw and Serve Chocolate Chip Cookies, Individually Wrapped Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Heritage Ovens® Forget Me Not® Cookies. Those of you not familiar with Cookielossus®, it is packaged in its own aluminum tin and is easily sliced with a pizza wheel or served whole and decorated with a variety of toppings. We first introduced our trademarked Cookielossus® brand in 2017 and it has sold well.

Cookielossus® Giant Pan Chocolate Chunk Cookie is an ideal way to dress up a dessert table for birthday celebrations or holiday festivities. Whether this giant cookie is served plain, hot out of the oven, or topped with ice cream, flavored syrups, icing, whipped cream, nuts, or candy pieces, it is guaranteed to please any cookie connoisseur. The options are endless for this unique and fun dessert! Ideal for any pizzeria.

Deliver BIG Size! BIG flavor! BIG Taste! with Cookielossus® Giant Pan Chocolate Chip Cookie!

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