Pickled Onions on a BBQ SandwichA first to be offered as an exclusive branded item in foodservice, Delancey Street Deli® Gourmet Pickled Red Onions are produced from fresh onions, slithered, and pickled to perfection. These fresh, never frozen, non-GMO, naturally fat-free and gluten-free onions are produced in an allergen-free facility according to a strict formula finished off with refrigeration for superior crispness and freshness.

Ready-to-serve, Delancey Street Deli® Gourmet Pickled Red Onions are full of color with a sweet-and-sour tangy flavor profile giving them versatility across many menu applications. Use with a charcuterie tray or as a garnish, or top salads, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, hot dogs, sausages, tacos, burritos, or grilled fish for starters. It is the perfect accompaniment to ahi tuna, mahi mahi, grilled chicken, pork BBQ and so much more. Delancey Street Deli® Gourmet Pickled Red Onions give menu items that extra pop of color and flavor.

Pickled red onions continue to grow in popularity and are a profitable add-on for operators. Operators can add color, a signature flavor, and a higher perceived value to almost any dish. Just think adding pickled red onions adds higher profit to any dish.

Packed in 12/1-lb. poly bags, Delancey Street Deli® Gourmet Pickled Red Onions are refrigerated and have a 180-day shelf life. Add this fine product to our other exclusive branded items currently available and cross sell with other Delancey Street Deli® products.

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