Delancey Street DeliĀ® Gourmet Shredded Fresh SauerkrautPerformance Foodservice is pleased to announce the completion of converting our Rye Street® Fresh Sauerkraut to our new Delancey Street Deli® brand. Delancey Street Deli® Gourmet Shredded Fresh Sauerkraut has the same distinctive rich, tart flavor as the Rye Street® Sauerkraut. These refrigerated items have a fresher, cleaner taste and crisper bite than canned sauerkraut. Available in 2-gallon and 5-gallon pails, Delancey Street Deli® Gourmet Shredded Fresh Sauerkraut can be ordered directly from GLK or through DOT.

Delancey Street Deli® Gourmet Shredded Fresh Sauerkraut allows operators to cater to their customers who are seeking fresh ingredients and simply prepared, healthier meal options. According to a survey by the Whole Foods Trends Council, sauerkraut will again be a top flavor for 2021. Fresh sauerkraut provides an unexpected bite and flavor kick to a variety of dishes, both hot and cold. Operators can use Delancey Street Deli® Gourmet Shredded Fresh Sauerkraut as a traditional ingredient or explore and create wonderful and flavorful dishes. Pair with pork or a tender brisket, top a hot dog or polish sausage, make a fresh cold salad, or use as a soup ingredient, sauerkraut, a fermented cabbage, is a natural source of immune-boosting probiotics and nutrients to help the body improve digestion and contribute to a healthy immune system.

Add these fine products to our other exclusive branded items in the Delancey Street Deli® portfolio such as Gourmet Pickled Red Onions, Gourmet Heat and Serve Soups, Gourmet Freshly Prepared Salads and Gourmet Heavy Duty Mayonnaises, and many more are to come.

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