Delancey Street Deli® New York Style Bagels

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of 15 SKUs of authentic New York Style Bagels to the Delancey Street Deli® brand portfolio. Delancey Street Deli® is a brand created to curate the highest quality deli products and ingredients and to give homage to the history of Performance Foodservice’s roots in the deli/grocery business. It’s only fitting we offer New York Style Bagels in this portfolio, named for the street in Manhattan that gave birth to the American deli in 1888, just three short years after our company started.

Delancey Street Deli® bagels are crafted from scratch using exceptional ingredients, including no trans fat oils, no high-fructose sweeteners, and powdered barley malt. They are fermented for 12 hours to create depth of flavor and an outstanding crust. They are then kettle boiled and hearth baked. The result is a bagel with a crusty outside and a soft and chewy inside - a traditional New York Style Bagel.

There are two different finishes on the bagels offered in this portfolio. The 4.5 ounce unsliced, par-baked bagels are pillow packed in 3/15 CT packs and are available in popular flavors such as Plain, Everything, Asiago, Cinnamon Raisin, Sesame, Whole Wheat, Poppy, Blueberry and Onion. The par-baked bagels need only be baked off in a 425-degree oven from frozen for 5 minutes and then cooled for 20 minutes before they are enjoyed.

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