Performance Foodservice is pleased to present Empire’s Treasure® Frozen Frog Legs and Alligator in our growing exotic meats portfolio. These offerings are  high protein, low calorie, and inexpensive exotic meats. Fried alligator and fried frog legs appear on regional menus reaching from Louisiana to Alabama, Florida, Texas, and beyond.

Imported and farm-raised, Empire’s Treasure Frog Legs has a texture like that of chicken wings and a delicacy that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. Empire’s Treasure Frog Legs are available in 6/5-lb. boxes in three sizes, 2/4-, 4/6- and 6/8-lbs.

Empire’s Treasure Cubed Alligator Meat tastes similar to chicken or game meat and is a protein staple in Cajun food. A product of the USA, Empire’s Treasure Cubed Alligator Meat is available cubed in 4/5-lb. packs or 12/1-lb. packs that feature the best part of the alligator, the tenderloin meat.

Since alligator legs are commonly referred to as “gator wings,” Empire’s Treasure Alligator Leg is great for wing-style recipes and as an addition to soups and stews. Empire’s Treasure Alligator Leg is bone-in and available in a 2/5-lb. pack.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.

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