The First Mark® brand stands for quality, consistency and value for all of your cup and container needs.

First Mark® Biodegradable Foam Cups, Containers, and LidsFirst Mark® Biodegradable Foam Cups, Lids, and Containers deliver top performance with value and style. First Mark® foam cups and containers are great for casual restaurants, pizzerias, c-stores, or hotels where takeout and carryout is prevalent.

About the Products

  • Reliable foam cups from First Mark safely transport cold or hot beverages while protecting the users’ hands.
  • Common fit, snug lids can be used with any temperature beverage.
  • Great economy and functionality.
  • Keeps hot and cold temperatures longer.
  • Versatile uses for both hot and cold foods.
  • Great for ready-to-serve and carry-out meals.
  • Selection of vented and non-vented.

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