Green Origin Plant-based Pepperoni PizzaGreen Origin™ Plant-based Pepperoni looks, tastes and performs like traditional pepperoni but is made entirely from plants – in particular, pea protein, fava bean protein, wheat gluten and spices, and seasonings that give it a forward, fennel, pepperoni flavor. This pre-sliced product is the epitome of thaw and serve ease and ideal for any operator wanting to jump on the plant-based protein craze. Please note that this product is vegan but is not gluten-free.

Use Green Origin ™ Plant-based Pepperoni anywhere you would use traditional pepperoni slices, as a pizza topping, in calzones or frittatas. Chef Lonnie Varisco has created a craveable menu creation with Green Origin™ Plant-based Pepperoni atop Roma® Invisicoat French Fries and creamy, shredded Bacio® Mozzarella and Provolone with a pesto aioli. YUM!

Green Origin™ Plant-based Pepperoni is packed in 2/5.5-LB. packs and is available at our Performance Advantage Warehouse for immediate shipping. We are thrilled to be a first-mover in bringing this product to our foodservice customers and are committed to developing additional products to help our customers win in this space. As with other products in the Green Origin™ portfolio – these are plant- forward, proprietary blended products that appeal to all consumers, vegans and meat eaters alike who want to incorporate more plant-based proteins into their diets and food choices.

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