Guest House® Gourmet PastriesWe developed the Guest House® Gourmet Pastries portfolio to give operators the ease of creating fresh baked, exceptionally high-quality croissants and danishes in just minutes from a frozen state. We use the best ingredients (varies per SKU) such as Belgian Chocolate and Butter, proprietary butter blends, margarine blends, Non-GMO ingredients, savory cheeses, almonds, pecans, raisins and more to create our exceptional croissant and danish products.

These items are pre-proofed and designed to be baked from frozen and enjoyed within minutes. Guest House® Gourmet Pastries take the guesswork out of incorporating high quality, artisan style, laminated, beautifully flaky dough with scrumptious sweet and savory fillings into any menu, buffet, bakery case or day part. Your options with this portfolio are vast - giving you the opportunity to have a bountiful bread basket of fresh baked butter croissants and danishes. These items are perfect for a brunch buffet, butter charcuterie board, alongside a soup or salad bar or as a fresh baked bakery offering in a coffee shop.

You’ll learn more about the products in the rollout - but in short, the portfolio includes butter croissants, in a variety of ounces/sizes and filling options, multi-grain and pretzel croissants, as well as an extra large chocolate croissants with chunks of Belgian chocolate nestled inside. In addition to the croissant offerings, the portfolio also includes mini (1.4 ounce) and large (3.5 ounce) danishes in variety packs to include flavors such as raspberry, apple, custard cream, maple pecan, and cinnamon.

We are proud to have these items in our brand portfolio and invite you the opportunity to bring your customers these delightful products!

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