Two mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows on a wooden background with cinnamonDesigned to complement our tasteful selection of Guest House® Teas, Guest House® Premium Hot Cocoa comes in Original and No Sugar Added single serve pack varieties and a Bulk Pack in Original. These are ideal for offices, break rooms, hotels, restaurants, concessions, colleges, coffee stations and quick service restaurants. Guest House® Premium Hot Cocoa can be enjoyed year-round, but is especially satisfying during the chillier months.

Guest House® Premium Hot Cocoa Mix Single Serve cartons fold into an attractive display to place on beverage stations. Add six ounces of hot water to a single serve packet or for a rich, Dutch chocolate flavor with a creamy, frothy texture. Guest House® Hot Cocoa Packets are packed in 6/50-count/1-ounce packets per case and Guest House® No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Packets are packed in 3/50-count/0.53-ounce packets per case.

Blend Guest House® Premium Hot Cocoas with milk, coffee, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, caramel, or other flavors for creative menu options.

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