Heritage Ovens® Ready-to-Serve Bulk Chocolate Chip CookiesPerformance Foodservice proudly presents four Heritage Ovens® Ready-to-Serve Bulk Cookies SKUs: Vanilla Wafers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, and Chocolate Sandwich Crème Cookies. These cookie varieties are comparable to national brands and are conveniently packed in smaller packages minimizing waste due to the products becoming stale too quickly.

Heritage Ovens® Ready-to-Serve Cookies save time and labor, as these cookies are ready to serve right out of the package. Schools, healthcare, colleges and universities, hospitality, and caterers are among operators who would benefit from a ready-to-use cookies.

Heritage Ovens® Vanilla Wafers are packed in 12/12-oz. clear bags and have a sweet vanilla taste. These cookies are great for snacking and are also ideal as an ingredient in a pie crust, or a classic banana pudding recipe.

Heritage Ovens® Ready-to-Serve Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Heritage Ovens® Ready-to-Serve Oatmeal Cookies have a classic home-baked taste and are packed in 12/12-oz. trays to ensure minimal crumbling. These two cookie varieties can be a stand-alone dessert, but are also an ideal topper for ice cream, or made into an ice cream cookie sandwich.

Heritage Ovens® Ready-to-Serve Chocolate Sandwich Crème Cookies come packed in 12/14.3-oz. tray packs to minimize crumbling and are also delicious as a mix in with ice cream, as an ingredient in a decadent pie crust, or simply dunked in a glass of cold milk as a midday or late night snack!

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