Heritage Ovens Cookies

Performance Foodservice proudly presents 23 frozen SKUs in Heritage Ovens® Pre-portioned Raw Cookie Dough, Baked, Thaw and Serve Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Individually Wrapped Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookie varieties are based on original American recipes and are made with wholesome ingredients like real chocolate and rolled whole grain oats. All-natural quality ingredients, and no additives, result in better flavored cookies with no artificial-taste.

If you love cookies, you are not alone! Americans consume over 2 billion cookies a year. That’s about 300 cookies per person. Heritage Ovens® Pre-portioned Raw Cookie Dough varieties are available in seven different pack sizes and multiple flavor options to meet customer demand. Heritage Ovens® Pre-portioned Raw Cookie Dough bakes up crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Available flavors include the classic chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, and peanut butter, to name a few. These pre-portioned cookie doughs require no mixing or measuring, resulting in a consistent labor-saving product every time. Pre-portioned layer packed dough pucks allow operators to use only the amount of product needed at one time. This allows for fresh baked cookies any time of the day!

Heritage Ovens® Baked, Thaw and Serve Chocolate Chip Cookies are single packed and stored frozen for an ultra-fresh standby dessert. Just thaw and serve! These are available in 1-oz. and 2-oz. sizes, and are not compressed in production, therefore, providing a more homemade appearance.

Heritage Ovens® Individually Wrapped Chocolate Chip Cookies are available in 42/2-oz. packs and are in consumer preferred individually wrapped packaging. Just thaw and serve – no labor required, and easy and safe handling. These cookies are the same delicious recipe as the Heritage Ovens® Chocolate Chip Pre-portioned Raw Cookie Dough. These individually wrapped Chocolate Chip Cookies are ideal for catering events or boxed lunches on the go.

Heritage Ovens® Forget Me Not® Cookies are one-of-a-kind cookies featuring purple-candy-coated chocolates and sweet, smooth, white chocolate chunks set in deliciously sweet, dark chocolate flavored dough. Performance Foodservice’s “the cookie that gives” campaign raises awareness and provides a portion of proceeds for the Alzheimer’s Association®. This unique sweet treat is 3 oz. and is fully baked and individually wrapped. Heritage Ovens® Forget Me Not Cookies® ship frozen, and simply thaw-and-serve as needed. A retail-ready pop-up tray is ideal for showcasing your commitment to this worthy cause; and an easy way for a customer to grab a sweet treat to go. Each cookie is marked for individual sale and there are 36 cookies, and a retail tray per case.

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