Heritage Ovens® Fully Baked, Thaw-and-Serve Muffins, and Heritage Ovens® Individually Wrapped, Thaw-and-Serve Muffins

Performance Foodservice proudly presents 16 frozen SKUs in Heritage Ovens® Muffins. With 16 different offerings including assorted packs, individually wrapped items, and differentiated products like filled muffins, Heritage Ovens® Muffins offer a solution for every operator! In addition to a wide selection of functional packaging configurations, the Heritage Ovens® Muffin lineup also offers a variety of different sized muffins, from 1-oz all the way up to 5.25-oz.

The Heritage Ovens® brand is well known for its broad array of bread and dessert selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Heritage Ovens® Muffins are ideal for customers who are already buying other Heritage Ovens® products. Heritage Ovens® Fully baked, Thaw-and-Serve Muffins, and Heritage Ovens® Individually Wrapped, Thaw-and-Serve Muffins are wholesome, superior packaged muffins, and are low touch items that will result in skilled labor savings, and overall reduced costs. Available from Performance Advantage, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and from Alpha Baking Co.

Heritage Ovens® Muffins are loaded with generous inclusions like real wild blueberries, real chocolate chips, and coarse sugar topping. These wholesome ingredients result in muffins that are moist, hearty, fresh, delicious, and have that scratch-made appearance customers are looking for in a bakery item.

Six SKUs of Heritage Ovens® 4.25-oz. Thaw-and-Serve Tulip Muffins offer a beautiful presentation and a more professional, polished look when compared to non-wrapped bakery items. Two SKUs of Heritage Ovens® 2.125-oz. Thaw-and-Serve Muffins, and two SKUs of Heritage Ovens® 1-oz. Thaw-and-Serve Muffins, available in classic flavors like blueberry and corn, are the perfect size to serve as part of a continental breakfast, or as a midday snack. With scrumptious flavors like double chocolate with caramel filling, and banana with Bavarian cream filling, Heritage Ovens® 5.25-oz Thaw-and Serve Muffins are ideal paired with coffee or other morning beverages, or even as dessert served with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream. Two SKUs of Heritage Ovens® I.W. Muffins are perfect low touch items for grab-and-go, and are available in a variety of flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth!

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