Heritage OvensĀ® Thaw & Serve Rolls & Margarine CroissantsPerformance Foodservice is pleased to present a new supplier for Heritage Ovens® Margarine Croissants and a line extension of thaw & Serve breads available from Vie de France.

The new sub rolls add to the versatility, variety, and appeal of baked goods in our Heritage Ovens® portfolio. We ensure our par-baked breads and other baked goods are of a consistent level of excellence in texture and taste and are guaranteed to deliver fresh baked goodness that include artisan touches such as savory cheese and herbs and flavor profiles.

New to the portfolio:

  • 12” Romano, Swiss and Parsley Sub Rolls
  • 12” Dark Wheat Sub Rolls
  • 12” Soft White Sub Rolls
  • 12” Soft French Sub Rolls

In addition to making the perfect sub sandwich with the above items – consider adding large (3 ounce) or medium (2 ounce) pre-baked croissants to the items that you source from Vie de France. Croissants are an ideal carrier for any sandwich or day part – breakfast – late night. These croissants are baked golden brown with crisp flaky layers and a classic airy inner texture. The tails of the croissant overlap for better sandwich support and they need only be thawed and served. They are pre-sliced to make their use as a sandwich carrier incredibly easy to use.

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