LuigiĀ® Frozen Gluten-free Par-baked Thin Pizza CrustsWe are pleased to announce the immediate availability of 10 new products to our Italian portfolio of specialty items. Luigi® Frozen Gluten-free Pizza Crusts are available in either 10” or 12” widths and are packed 24 crusts per case, 12 crusts per bag.

Several of our Luigi® Frozen Gluten-free Thin Pizza Crusts use vegetables as the primary base ingredient. Vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, are combined with herbs, cheese, spices and binders such as tapioca and rice flour to create a delicious and crisp pizza crust that is naturally gluten-free and full of flavor. These products make it easy for an operator to implement a gluten-free pizza offering and literally can be pulled directly from the freezer, brushed with a bit of Piancone® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, topped with any traditional pizza topping and baked to perfection in a convection oven, impinger, traditional oven or a pizza oven.

These products feature a clean and minimal ingredient deck. You’ll notice the flecks of broccoli, cauliflower, herbs and cheese in each of the applicable crusts and the taste is absolutely amazing. Use them for pizzas, flatbreads and more. Ideal for patrons who are sensitive to gluten (please cook in a separate oven to avoid possible cross-contamination) or for operators who want to introduce a pizza crust alternative that does not include gluten. These pizza crusts deliver consistent made-from-scratch flavor and quality while reducing labor. A win on flavor, taste, texture and convenience.

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