LuigiĀ® Whole Milk Whipped Ricotta Cheese Stuff ShellsLuigi® Whole Milk Whipped Ricotta Cheese is a whipped-style ricotta cheese with a fresh, mild, and creamy texture. Subtly sweet and uniform in color, Luigi® Whole Milk Whipped Ricotta Cheese offers a pleasing visual appeal and delicious flavor profile.

Made with pasteurized whey, pasteurized milk, pasteurized cream and vinegar, Luigi® Whole Milk Whipped Ricotta Cheese is ideal for use as a base ingredient for a wide variety of recipes such as a pasta filling in stuffed raviolis, stuffed shells, manicotti, calzones, and lasagna, or mix in a little sugar and vanilla to make a wonderful dessert cream for cannolis and pastries. Use it to replace cream in a variety of dishes for a velvety texture and creaminess that cannot be matched.

Serving Suggestions

  • Entrée fillings/ingredients - Lasagna, Stuff Shells, Manicotti, Ravioli, Tortellini, Calzones, Baked Ziti
  • Pizza topping
  • Appetizer toppings/ingredients - Crostinis, Toasts, Salads, Dips
  • Dessert ingredients - Cannolis, Pastries, Tarts

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