Magellan┬« International Pub-style Cheese Wedge Variety BoxMagellan® International Pub-style Cheese Wedge Variety Box contains four different international cheeses that include Iberico Cheese, Mayan Coffee Rubbed Fontal, Brugge Comtesse Cheese, and Red Wine Soaked Goat Cheese. Each cheese wedge is approximately 1.5-lbs. and roughly 6”x5.”

Magellan® Iberico Cheese, from Spain, is a sensational blend of rich cow’s milk, tart goat’s milk, and fatty sheep’s milk. It is a traditional tapas cheese, and pairs well with sliced chorizo, sausage or ham, fresh melon and pears, fig jam, and olives. The cow’s milk gives this cheese a little bit of acidity. Richness and butteriness comes from the sheep’s milk, and a little bit of barnyard taste comes from the goat’s milk.

Magellan® Mayan Coffee Rubbed Fontal, a product of the USA, is a cow’s milk cheese with a creamy texture and a mild, slightly sweet flavor. This cheese is coated with Mayan spices, real cocoa and bold coffee grounds. A 60-day aging process develops signature flavor and texture characteristics of this earthy and exotic blend. This cheese is ideal as a table cheese, spread on crusty bread, or as an addition to a charcuterie board.

Magellan® Brugge Comtesse, a product of Belgium, is a cow’s milk cheese and has notes of roasted hazelnut, vanilla, and summer fruit. It pairs extremely well with an aperitif, but also on a sandwich or fresh salad. Magellan® Brugge Comtesse pairs particularly well with sun-ripened figs, slightly sweet chutneys and earthy root vegetables. It is also delightful in recipes such as fritatas, quiches, macaroni and cheese, salads, and more.

Magellan® Red Wine Soaked Goat Cheese, a product of Spain, is a semi-firm cheese made from pasteurized goat’s milk. This traditional Spanish goat cheese, from the Murcia region of southeast Spain, is submerged in red wine to inherit its fruity flavor characteristics. Magellan® Red Wine Soaked Goat Cheese is the perfect addition to any cheese board. The wine-washed rind of Magellan® Red Wine Soaked Goat Cheese is edible, and has a mild wine taste, with a fairly soft, thin texture.

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