Nature’s Best Dairy® 12% Vanilla Premium Ice Cream

Performance Foodservice introduces to its portfolio a super-premium ice cream in Nature’s Best Dairy® 12% Premium Ice Cream. Made from real milk, buttermilk, and cream, operators can serve Nature’s Best Dairy® 12% Premium Ice Cream as a standalone item in a cup or a cone, as the base ingredient for a decadent sundae, milkshakes, LTO desserts, extreme floats, or other frozen treats. Super-premium, high butterfat, classic vanilla flavor, rich, creamy texture make Nature’s Best Dairy® Ice Cream an ideal product to help operators increase check averages. With a yield of about 72 servings per container, operators have an opportunity to enhance their menus further.

Nature’s Best Dairy® 12% Premium Ice Cream is made with real milk from domestic cows and carries the Real Seal®, one of the most highly trusted symbols for high value dairy goods, and certification that the milk ingredients are real and not imitation.

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