Perfect as an appetizer, a sub sandwich protein, or even enrobed in batter and deep fried to serve over a salad - use this product anywhere you want the flavor of buffalo chicken in an easy to implement protein.

Performance in Motion® fully cooked, frozen Buffalo Style Chicken MeatballsOur Buffalo Style Chicken Meatballs are a 1/2 ounce portion of ground chicken, that is expertly blended with cayenne pepper and other seasonings to create the flavor profile of buffalo style chicken wings in a meatball. Bake or deep fry to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Farenheit and then sauce as you would chicken wings to amp up the buffalo flavor in these delicious meatballs. Ideal for any appetizer, hot bar, grazing table, or main entrée and can be used in hundreds of ways.

Menu Ideas

  • Pizza topping
  • Protein for pasta dishes
  • Serve as an alternative to wings with traditional sides of carrots, celery, blue cheese and ranch
  • Appetizer platter
  • Grab-and-go hot bar item
  • Slider appetizer
  • Salad protein option

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