Performance In Motion Swedish MeatballsPerformance Foodservice’s premiere PIM® branded Swedish Meatballs are a high-quality gourmet product. This meatball is a half-ounce in size, and is made with freshly ground beef, pork and chicken, and authentically seasoned to perfection with nutmeg and allspice. Our Swedish Meatballs are perfect as an appetizer topped with your favorite sauce or as a main dish with egg noodles and stroganoff sauce.

Our Swedish meatballs also feature no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Operators need only bake them to an internal temperature of 165 degrees in an oven or warm them thoroughly in sauce and then serve. Traditionally, Swedish meatballs are often paired with egg noodles and stroganoff sauce, and these meatballs are perfect for that application. The savory meatballs are perfect for any appetizer, hot bar or main entrée and can be used in hundreds of ways. 

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