Performance in Motion® Fully Cooked, Frozen Chile RellenosPerformance Foodservice’s premiere PIM™ branded Chile Rellenos are a high-quality, authentic gourmet product. Our Chile Rellenos begin with large fire roasted poblano peppers that are stuffed with creamy, authentic asadero cheese, hand-battered with wheat flour and fluffy egg whites. The product is then deep fried and individually quick frozen ensuring that the texture of the pepper is maintained.

To serve, just remove the product from its protective bag and microwave or bake for just a few minutes from frozen, sauce with a light tomato sauce and serve as an entrée or include several on a plate for sharing as a wonderful appetizer for an authentic Mexican meal.


  • Unique flavors and textures of one of the most traditional dishes of the Mexican cuisine
  • Ready within minutes - no more labor in the kitchen
  • Handmade with Fire Roasted Poblano Peppers and creamy authentic cheeses
  • No preservatives or color additives
  • Cooks from frozen in just minutes - minimizes this labor intensive item to literally no time or prep at all
  • Just heat, plate and serve
  • Often served with tomato sauce or your favorite salsa.
  • As an entrée, pair it with rice and beans, salad or your favorite stew

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