Every bite of Piancone Italian Frozen Desserts and Pastries is the result of a passion for making only the best Italian products available.

Performance Foodservice is excited to introduce a total of 36 varieties of Piancone Italian Frozen Desserts and Pastries. Piancone Italian Desserts arrive frozen and are made with premium ingredients to create one-of-a-kind cakes and single-serve desserts. Cake options range from a decadent Piancone Hazelnut Truffle Chocolate Cake to a fruity Piancone Wild Berry Tart and includes the traditional Piancone Lemon Cream Grandmother Tart and Roasted Almonds. Tora della Nonna, which translates to “grandmother’s cake” in Italian, is a traditional Italian dessert made with Italian pastry cream. This creamy tart is a delicious treat that’s perfect for any occasion!

Piancone Premium Authentic Italian Frozen Desserts and Pastries offer the authenticity and taste of real Italian tradition.

Piancone® Premium Authentic Italian Frozen Desserts

Piancone branded single-serve dessert options include a classic chocolate souffle, mini Black Forest cake, mini strawberry cream filled meringue, and mini semifreddo nougat cake. These single-serve desserts are ideal for a variety of restaurants and dining venues and are the perfect dessert offering for catering services, as they require no preparation aside from thawing before serving.

The Piancone dessert line also includes 5 varieties of assorted mousses in individual glass serving containers. These desserts are stored frozen and thawed before service. Individual flavor profiles range from double chocolate mousse, raspberry cheesecake mousse, and tropical fruit cheesecake to name a few!

Piancone® Premium Authentic Italian Frozen Pastries

Piancone Pastries offer 12 different varieties of thaw-and-serve and ready-to-bake pastries. These pastries are available filled with flavored creams, and fruit fillings, and there is also a Piancone Neapolitan Big Lobster Tail available that is ready to be piped with choice of filling. Piancone Pastries are ideal for catering, bakeries, and hotels and hospitality, and college and universities due to their upscale appearance and ease of preparation.

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