This premium selection of Piancone® Italian Gelato and Sorbet is the latest addition to the line of premium, authentic, and innovative 100% Italian products.

Piancone Italian Gelato & Sorbet is made on the beautiful island of Sicily, where the Mediterranean Sea blends with the rich Sicilian soil to produce exceptional citrus fruits, berries, almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios.

Piancone Italian Gelato & Sorbet is made for use in the catering and food service sector. The 1-gallon containers are designed for easy scooping and storage. Simply remove the gelato or sorbet from the freezer, peel back the plastic wrap, scoop out and plate the desired portion, and serve within 10 minutes. These products have a 2-year shelf life while frozen, and should be kept frozen at 0 degrees Farenheit until ready to use. Piancone Italian Gelato & Sorbet is ideal:

  • As a stand-alone dessert in a bowl, cup, or cone
  • Plated with cakes and pies
  • Served on top of waffles or pancakes
  • Topped with syrup or fresh fruit
  • Piancone Lemon Sorbet can be used as a palate cleanser between courses or in an "aperitif" - an alcoholic drink consumed before a meal

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Piancone® Italian Gelato

Chocolate Italian Gelato

An intense chocolate-flavored cocoa gelato decorated with chocolate flakes.

Custard Italian Gelato

A classic custard-flavored gelato.

Hazelnut Italian Gelato

Delicious, full-bodied flavor with fresh Sicilian hazelnut pieces.

Pistachio Italian Gelato

Delicious, full-bodied flavor with fresh Sicilian pistachio nut pieces.

Sea Salt Caramel Italian Gelato

Smooth and full of caramel flavor. A vanilla flavored gelato with caramel sauce decorated with caramel flakes.

Stracciatella Italian Gelato

Smooth and creamy gelato with rich, dark chocolate flakes throughout.

Strawberry Italian Gelato

Fresh and fruity strawberry flavor made with fresh strawberries.

Vanilla Italian Gelato

Smooth and delicate vanilla flavored gelato.

Piancone® Italian Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

Fresh lemon-flavored sorbet made with 100% Sicilian lemon juice.

Mandarin Sorbet

Fresh mandarin-flavored sorbet made with 100% Sicilian mandarin juice.

Mango Sorbet

Fresh mango-flavored sorbet made with a mango puree.

Raspberry Sorbet

Fresh raspberry-flavored sorbet made with a raspberry puree.

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