Piancone® Italian Gelato & Sorbet

Performance Foodservice offers nine flavors of Piancone® Italian Gelato & Sorbet, made on the beautiful island of Sicily, and produced with premium ingredients like Sicilian lemons, mandarins, and Sicilian nuts, including almonds and pistachios.

Piancone® Italian Gelato is distinctively different from ordinary frozen dairy desserts. It is full of flavor, with a smooth and creamy texture, and contains substantially less fat than American ice cream. Piancone® Italian Gelato is frozen in a way that reduces the amount of air in the product. A slightly higher serving temperature than ice cream allows for the release of richer flavor tones than traditional American ice cream. With seven unmatched and classic flavor varieties including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, sea salt caramel, Stracciatella (creamy vanilla gelato with luscious dark chocolate slivers), and custard, Piancone® Italian Gelato is sure to please any gelato connoisseur!

Piancone® Italian Sorbet is creamier than most sorbets and is made with essential oils from Sicilian lemons and Sicilian mandarin oranges, providing a refreshing fruity flavor in every bite! Sorbet is also a low-fat, and dairy-free dessert, great for a healthier dessert or snack option. Piancone® Italian Sorbet and Piancone® Italian Gelato are all available in 1-gallon, easy to store containers.

Piancone® Italian Gelato & Sorbet offer the authenticity of real Italian tradition. Piancone Italian Gelato is ideal stuffed in Sicilian brioche, used as a base for a cocktail, in a milkshake, or simply served in a bowl, cup, or cone. Piancone® Italian Sorbet can be used as a palate cleanser between servings or in an “aperitif” – and alcoholic drink consumed before a meal.

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