Piancone Tomato Products

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of three new items in our Piancone® brand from supplier partner Kraft Heinz Escalon. These Piancone® Whole Peeled Plum Tomatoes in Puree, Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce, and Extra Heavy Tomato Puree are our highest tier of domestic tomato products and should give us even more market gain in 2022.

To be packed in our Piancone® label these tomatoes need to be extra special and these are nothing less in delivering on quality, taste, and performance. We start with California grown tomatoes that are vine-ripened, picked at the peak of freshness, steam-peeled and minimally processed to create products that not only have a clean ingredient deck, but also never contain added citric acid. Piancone signifies premium products and are unique to our private brand portfolio with specs that we’ve worked closely to develop to meet our customer’s needs.

Please note that these new items feature our updated domestic can labels with tomato images and include important callouts to your customer such as Non-GMO Certified and No Added Citric Acid. Look for callouts on the new products and existing labels as new pack and label quantities deplete.

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