Piancone®, Raffinato®, Roma®, Ultimo!®, and Assoluti!® Italian hard cheeses, and Contigo® Grated Cotija CheesePerformance Foodservice proudly presents Piancone®, Raffinato®, Roma®, Ultimo!®, and Assoluti!® Italian hard cheeses, and Contigo® Grated Cotija Cheese. The 31 SKUs of Italian hard cheeses are available in various sizes and configurations, including shaved, grated, and traditionally crafted and aged domestic and imported cheeses. This line-up gives us the distinct advantage in winning with cheese!

Piancone® premium imported and domestic cheeses are manufactured and produced to rigorous specifications set by us. The imported and domestic Parmesan grated, and shaved varieties provide an upscale appearance to any salad, sandwich, soup, or entrée. Freshly grated Romano cheese is a versatile cheese that can be enjoyed on its own or combined with other flavors as desired. Piancone Imported, Shaved, Caesar Blend Cheese is the ideal blend of three cheeses coming together to provide a delicious melody of Italian flavors for and salad, sandwich, or entrée.

Raffinato® imported and domestic cheeses are premium, fresh cheeses designed for classic Italian recipes. The 5 SKUs of Raffinato® Parmesan and Pecorino cheeses are available in grated and shredded varieties in poly bags and tubs, as well as a shelf stable and ready to use grated shaker. Raffinato® cheeses offer high quality, appealing taste, with attention to authenticity.

The Roma® brand is the standard for pizza and Italian restaurant operators. The 17 SKUs of domestic and imported cheeses under the Roma® brand are consistent, high-quality cheeses that deliver authentic flavor that meets or exceeds demanding expectations. Roma® Parmesan Cheese Wheels have a characteristically strong and nutty flavor and a crumbly, grainy texture. Romano and Parmesan blends are available in 4/5 lb. tubs, bulk packs, and 6/5 lb. bags.

The Ultimo!® brand offers a wide range of value-added solutions, including 2 SKUs of grated Parmesan, and grated Parmesan Romano cheese. The grated Parmesan cheese is 98% pure dehydrated Parmesan cheese made with cow’s milk, and the grated Parmesan Romano blend is 98% pure cheese made with a combination of cow and sheep’s milk.

Assoluti!® cheese varieties offer old-world Italian basics for the contemporary palate and convenience of today’s operator. The 3 SKUS of Assoluti!® cheeses announced with this rollout have been aged a minimum of 5-10 months prior to grating and packaging.

Contigo® Grated Cotija Cheese is a versatile, fresh cow’s milk cheese with a mild and tangy flavor that can be used to top all types of foods, from soups to tacos, to salads. It pairs well with spicy tomato based Latin and Hispanic dishes, and citrus-forward dishes.

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