Roma® Crisp Take™ French FriesRoma® Crisp Take French Fries begin with the best raw materials sourced from the USA and Canada and are cut into the ever popular 3/8” extra long fancy shape. Next, they are enrobed in a proprietary crunch preserving coating that increases the hold time of the French fry and optimizes them for both takeout and delivery applications. They will stay crispy for up to 30 minutes regardless of the container in which they are served.

Why Roma® Crisp Take™ French Fries?

With most consumers planning to incorporate the ease of delivery and takeout into their dining choices, the Roma® Crisp Take™ French Fries are a staple that restaurant owners will want to incorporate onto their menus. Roma® Crisp Take™ French Fries were developed to have a superior hold time and are lightly enrobed in a batter that guarantees they will stay crispy and delicious for up to 30 minutes after they leave the restaurant. Roma Crisp Take™ French Fries can be re-crisped in the microwave and they will continue to have a crispy texture and a delicious taste that patrons will remember and love. Roma® Crisp Take™ French Fries are optimized for delivery and takeout applications and are in a league of their own.

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