Performance Foodservice proudly presents Roma® Orecchiette di Mozzarella Buttons.

Roma® Orecchiette di Mozzarella ButtonsRoma Mozzarella Buttons are disks of fresh mozzarella that are 1/6 of an ounce in weight, 1” in diameter, and 1/4” thick. This mozzarella has a fresh milky flavor with a hint of salt, and a “thumb print” depression in the center.

Roma Mozzarella Buttons combine the ease of handling of other small-format mozzarella balls, the coverage of a sliced mozzarella, and the appearance of a cup & char pepperoni. An easy and versatile way to incorporate fresh mozzarella into every part of the menu from salads, appetizers, pasta, and of course, PIZZA!

Features & Benefits 

  • A fresh cow’s milk mozzarella cheese with a classic Orecchiette pasta shape
  • A clean, milky flavor
  • Packed for ideal portion control and maximization of shelf-life
  • Has the coverage of a sliced mozzarella when melted

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