Roma┬« 20 Lb. Parmesan and Romano WheelsPerformance Foodservice is excited to introduce domestic varieties of cheese wheels: Roma® Parmesan Cheese Wheel, Roma® Parmesan Cheese Wheel in Wax, and Roma® Romano Wheel. These three domestic items are line extensions to the Piancone® and Roma® shaved, grated, shredded, and traditionally crafted and aged domestic and imported Italian hard cheeses from supplier Cheese Merchants. Each Roma® Cheese Wheel is a 20-lb. wheel of cheese proudly made from the highest quality rBST-free Wisconsin milk and ingredients. All three kinds of cheese are lovely complements to pasta, salads, soups, charcuterie boards, pizza, and other dishes that benefit from the rich flavor of these Italian cheeses made in the US Heartland.

Roma® Parmesan Wheels are aged for a minimum of 10 months to develop a pleasantly sweet and nutty flavor profile before being shipped. Select either the standard wheel or the stunning wheel dipped in black wax for added protection and to preserve freshness. The Roma® Romano Wheel ages a minimum of five months for its characteristic sharp, piquant, and robust flavor profile.

Honoring the Roma® tradition of flavor and quality Italian-style hard cheeses, the sweet, buttery, and nutty Roma® Parmesan Cheese Wheels, and sharp and tangy Roma® Romano Wheels are low moisture with a distinctive texture perfect for shaved, grated, or shredded applications. Roma® Parmesan Cheese Wheel, Roma® Parmesan Cheese Wheel in Wax, and Roma® Romano Wheels have the advantages of a smaller 20-lb. size compared to many imported cheese sizes while maintaining a quality flavor.

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