Roma Peppers

Roma® Sweet Red and Green Bell Pepper Strips are made from sweet bell peppers that are picked and cut at the height of freshness, and never cooked, resulting in a crisp ready-to-use product with the highest level of color, crispness, and flavor. No preparation needed. These Kosher-certified pepper strips are packed in 4/1-gallon PET plastic containers per case and should be kept refrigerated. Roma® Sweet Red and Green Bell Pepper Strips are versatile and are ideal to use as a colorful addition to pasta, stir fries, on a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, or served with Italian sausage, just to name a few.

Roma® Hot Pepper Relish is a blend of fresh chopped peppers, vinegar, and salt-packed in 4/1-gallon PET containers per case. This Kosher-certified hot pepper relish must be refrigerated after opening, and is ideal atop a barbecue sandwich, sub sandwich, and added to dips, salad dressings, cheese sauce, and pizza sauce, just to name a few.

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