Roma® and Luigi® Bacon Topping

Roma® and Luigi® Bacon Topping is an easy to implement product that is not only a great pizza topping, but can be used anytime the smoky, salty flavor of bacon is desired; with the added bonus of a fully cooked, and chopped to size product.

The Roma® portfolio includes 2/5-lb. bags of either 3/8” or 3/4” fully cooked bacon toppings - perfect for everything from omelets, to salad bars, and of course, pizza toppings. The Luigi® portfolio includes one additional SKU - 1/2” 2/5-lb bag of fully cooked bacon topping.

These products offer a minimal prep, fully cooked, mess free, easy to implement protein that is a staple in virtually every restaurant and foodservice operation. Bacon topping is a value-oriented product that is made from ends and pieces of pork belly and is enhanced with smoke flavor.

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