Sweet Encore® New York-style Vegan Dairy-free CheesecakeWe are pleased to present an outstanding opportunity to add a plant-based dessert offering to your customers menus with this delicious dairy-free, vegan cheesecake, a first time in our private brand portfolio.

This frozen, pre-sliced in 12 portions cheesecake delivers the deliciousness and creaminess of a traditional cheesecake without the dairy. Sweet Encore® New York-style, Vegan Dairy-free Cheesecake is made with tofu and other high quality ingredients to impart a smooth, sweet and creamy filling for a traditional graham cracker crust. Our cheesecake is made with 100% vegan ingredients (dairy-free and eggless), and contains no lactose. You can now enjoy the indulgence of cheesecake without the dietary concerns that come with consuming dairy, eggs, or cheese. Sweet Encore® Vegan Cheesecake is ideal for vegan and lactose intolerant diets, as well as for those who are allergic to eggs and are concerned about additional cholesterol in their diets. It is a delicious treat that allows your customers to enjoy a healthier version of a delicious traditional dessert.

More than 20,000 restaurants in the U.S. serve vegan cheese on everything from pizza to veggie burgers to burritos. Ideal targets for this product are those who have purchased Roma® Vegan Cheese, or other plant-based substitutes in our Green Origin® portfolio. This dessert offering is the first-time-in-brand option vegan and dairy-free cheesecake. Also consider customers who are purchasing our top-selling Sweet Encore® Gluten-free Chocolate Cake, as those customers are likely aware of how great tasting desserts can be made equally as delicious with alternate production methods and ingredients. Vegan-and plant-based foods are a fast growing food sector, experiencing unprecedented year-over-year growth.

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