Ultimo Pizza CrustPerformance Foodservice is pleased to add several new pizza crust items to its Ultimo!® branded portfolio. Three new 12” Pizzas Crusts – Thin, Self-rising and New York-Style, and two new 16” pizza crusts – Thin and NY-Style.  The NY-Style Pizza Crusts feature large outer edge, typical of NY-Style Pizza Crusts and a hand-tossed appearance.  The flavor, taste, chew and performance are outstanding, and you’ll note that this product has no smashed edges. The Self-rising Crust has a medium thickness that rises in the oven and has a light airy interior with a wonderful made-from-scratch appearance and flavor.  Lastly, our new products also include a thin and crisp pizza crust with a delicate, flaky texture and a pleasing crispy crunch.  

Find the perfect Ultimo!® pizza crust for your operation!

  • Ultimo!® Self-rising Pizza Crusts
  • Ultimo!® NY-style Parbaked Pizza Crusts
  • Ultimo!® Thin Parbaked Pizza Crusts
  • Ultimo!® Raised-edge Parbaked Pizza Crusts
  • Ultimo!® Wood-fired Parbaked Pizza Crusts


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