Plate of spaghetti topped with shaved parmesan.Performance Foodservice proudly presents Shaved Parmesan and Shaved Caesar Blend in the Ultimo!® brand. Ultimo!® Shaved Parmesan and Shaved Caesar Blend enhances the complexity of your Italian dishes, even with a basic pasta and marinara sauce. Sprinkle on a plate of pasta, appetizer or salad to bring a savory, sometimes sweet and slightly salty taste to add an authentic flavor and depth to your dishes.

Ultimo!® Shaved Parmesan is thinly shaved Wisconsin Parmesan, aged to perfection minimum of 10 months. This rBGH free Parmesan has a sweet nutty flavor that will be a great garnish to any dish. Ultimo!® Shaved Parmesan has a smooth melt that gives your salads, baked or cooked dishes that special kick.

Ultimo!® Shaved Caesar Blend is a blend of Parmesan, Asiago and Romano that is a great extension to the Ultimo!® brand. This 100% Wisconsin blend of cheeses is rBGH free and adds a delicately sweet flavor and medium texture to your dish. Ultimo!® Shaved Caesar Blend is a versatile topping that is great for entrées, pizzas, salads or soups that melts smoothly in baking or cooking as well as an excellent garnish.

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