Evenly proportioned tenders help promote consistency, reduce waste, and help keep food costs down.

West Creek Fully Cooked Chicken Tender FrittersWest Creek® Fully Cooked Chicken Tender Fritters are tumbled, breaded, predusted, battered, and cooked to a golden crisp before flash frozen. The product is fully cooked, which allows for oven or deep fry preparation.

Use West Creek® Fully Cooked Chicken Tender Fritters as a handheld, dippable appetizer; on kids’ menus with fries or cut vegetables or fruit, or as a center of the plate entree.

Features and Benefits

  • Products are fully cooked, eliminating concerns of cross contamination between raw chicken and other items.
  • Ready in 4 to 5 minutes in the fryer, allowing for quick service.
  • Presents endless menu possibilities, from entrées to appetizers to kid menus to party platters, for carry-out or dining in.
  • Less prep and labor - product is ready to use and requires no additional prep work.

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