Grilled Braveheart NY Strip with a Crab Cake


  1. Season and grill the steak to the desired doneness.
  2. Sear the crab cake and heat in an oven.
  3. Wrap the asparagus and red peppers in the pre-cooked bacon. Heat in the oven.
  4. Heat the beurre blanc sauce and stir in the Sriracha sauce. On a plate place the crab cake on top of the steak. Pour sauce over top. Place the asparagus bundle on top.


  • 1 Braveheart® Black Angus Beef Steak(s), Sirloin Strip
  • 4 oz Custom Culinary® Gold Label Beurre Blanc Sauce
  • 1 Empire's Treasure® Crabcake(s)
  • 5 Peak Fresh Produce® Asparagus, Spear(s), blanched
  • 3 strips Roma® Red Peppers, Roasted
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp Sriracha
  • 3 West Creek® Bacon, Slice(s)