It seems now no weekend is complete without America's favorite blended word. Brunch tells us, "go ahead, honey, have that cheesy omelet and those crispy fries!"

Brunch promises us socially-accepted decadence — the cream sauces, bacon garnishes, donuts rolled in kiddie cereal, cocktails before noon! Brunch is the weekend destination, no matter where you're at. A few simple ideas will ensure your brunch menu entices guests with a blend of comfort and elegance, while at the same time keeping costs and time more manageable for you.

Leftovers and Non-Movers Optimize

Critics bemoan brunch as an excuse for restaurants to load off their dinner-service leftovers onto the unsuspecting public, but these days people are more concerned about food waste than ever. Have an abundance of carrots from a special that didn't move as you anticipated Friday night? Throw them in the juicer to mix with OJ for Sunday mimosas. Grab that red that's not selling behind the bar and turn it into a reduction sauce to elevate that juicy pork loin.

Shop the walk-in for any veggies and greens on their last legs and sauté them up for a "garden medley" frittata. Reducing waste means stretching your dollar while forcing you to get creative, which is always going to have guests coming back to see what you'll come up with next.

Family Style for the Win

Coax the brunch rush along a little faster (and give your line cooks a breather!) by dreaming up dishes that can be served to the whole table. Groups of friends and family choose brunch to celebrate; what's more festive than a beautiful roast being placed at the center of the table with accoutrements being passed from hand to hand? Trays of deviled eggs can be whipped up ahead of time for an easy, crowd-pleasing app. Increase perceived value with a colorful pop of roe or candied bacon on top. With so many options at brunch, this gives guests a chance to try a smorgasbord of everything at the table, keeping them satisfied while you streamline service.

Little Effort Leads to Large Impact

It doesn't take a giant menu reconfiguration to impress. Every restaurant these days fries up an egg to toss on a burger. But a jammy duck egg dripping down a slab of steak? Now, that's the stuff Instagram was made for, and diners are absolutely willing to pay more for it.

Think of tiny tweaks for classic fare. Those bacon bits left in the skillet that aren't pretty enough for plating? Let them dry out, then take a rolling pin to them to create crispy crumbs to rim your Bloody Mary glasses. Swap the tired flour tortilla out for a fluffy pancake and serve up a savory or sweet brunch wrap that nobody can stop posting about. Simple upgrades like these take little effort, but they make a lasting impression on your clientele, which leads to more brunch business for you.

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