Picture dining at a table on the Mediterranean, your chair legs so close to the edge of the patio you'd fall right into the sea if you scooted back far enough. Sound like a world away?

You can transport your guests and serve up a summery seaside dining experience solely with what you present on the plate. And according to the Chicago-based market research firm IRI, 41% of consumers want to consume more seafood in 2022. Discover ways to boost summer sales by bringing your guests seaside — no travel necessary.

Start with Sharing

Briny oysters on the half-shell, steamy clams nestled in beer broth; a guest might be interested in starting with seafood — especially if it's new and intriguing to them — but if they can't find someone at the table who's also on board, they're prone to skip the app altogether.

Offering a sprawling seafood sampler platter that showcases something for everyone is a surefire way to encourage orders, along with an easy uptick on those tickets. Plus, a sampler platter also takes the pressure of making a tough choice off of the guests. They came to kick back and enjoy one of life's finest rituals. Show them they can trust you to do the heavy lifting for them and curate the best gems of the sea. Now all they've got to do is pass the lemons.

Dip a Toe in

With a stellar line-up of seafood on your menu, your hope is that everyone is going to gravitate toward these higher-ticket items. Yet we know that some guests just don't have an adventurous palate. Think of ways to make seafood less intimidating for them.

Can you panko and fry up some scallops and serve with a delectable dipping sauce those die-hard chicken strip fans will flip for? What about taking a diner classic like a BLT and slipping a filet of lobster underneath the bacon? Or, surprise your customers with the national dish of Belgium: Moules frites. The winning combination of mild, tender mussels in an easy-going white wine sauce chased with bites of crispy, salty fries will turn anyone on the fence about shellfish into a new fan. By sneaking mild-flavored seafood into common dishes diners are used to, you can bump up the price, while also encouraging them to dip their toes into uncharted waters.

Add-on an Option

Maybe a guest doesn't want to fully commit to a seafood entrée they're not even sure they'll like; or maybe they just really have eyes for your famous, juicy burger. Give diners the option to add-on a small variety of seafood options. Instead of sweet potato fries, offer a small side of mussels for an even bigger upcharge. Let them snag a skewer or two of grilled shrimp or pan-seared scallops for another upchargable option. Offer a crab cake next to their medium-rare New York Strip and they'll be making another reservation before they even leave.

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for certain: Adding quality seafood options to your menu in a variety of ways is guaranteed to have you reeling in more profits this summer.

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