Labor Day weekend is filled with celebrations, sales, and events marking the end of summer. Recognizing the hard work of your staff and celebrating your guests is a great way to connect with your community and amp up your long-weekend revenue.

Holiday Deals

Offer guests a different signature special each day over the long weekend, culminating with the best offer on Monday. Also consider a “Next Time Promo” where guests can return after the Labor Day holiday with a discount on their restaurant visit.

Celebrate Staff

Statistics show employees who feel appreciated are more productive at work. Show your staff and guests alike that you appreciate the hard work they demonstrate each day in your restaurant. Acknowledge your staff on social media in the days leading up to the holiday weekend. In-house recognition to consider are Labor Day drink specials named after your employees or displaying signs that celebrate your staff and other workers during the weekend. It’s a feel-good win for all involved.

Get Happy

Labor Day weekend is full of events, whether it’s shopping for back-to-school clothes or attending festivals. A tasty cocktail at the end of a long shopping day might be in order. One option is to keep the shopping theme of the weekend with a BOGO beer or drink offer. Another option is to offers summer drink specials, like frozen margaritas, Bahama Mamas, or other libations named after working warriors.

End of Summer Specials

If you have extra summer inventory, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative and use those items. Create a prix fixe menu or a “Goodbye to Summer” menu featuring these ingredients. From grilled fruit and meats, salads with seasonal ingredients, and desserts with anything peach or berry, the possibilities are endless. Your guests will appreciate a final taste of their favorite summer foods, while you get to make room for those fall comfort items in your storage area.

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