From authentic regional fare to fusion-inspired dishes, diners are eager to discover new flavors, especially if it’s grounded in a familiar dish.

And that interest in global cuisine shows no signs of slowing down. Consider these tips to satisfy the adventurous diner’s palate.

Adding international dishes to your menu is an excellent way to drive traffic, give your menu a quick refresh, and boost sales. According to Datassential, diners are especially interested in innovative appetizers, creative seafood dishes, and new breakfast items.

One approach for a globally-inspired menu innovation is to incorporate flavors that aren’t too far off from consumers’ comfort zones, often found in the exciting world of Latin cuisine. While 82% of consumers already like or love Mexican food, many have not ventured out to Cuban, Brazilian, Peruvian, or Argentine cuisines. These culinary types are diverse, with varying influences and techniques, but they all focus on complex flavor profiles rooted in chilies, citrus, and aromatic elements—ingredients that customers already enjoy.

Latin-inspired sauces are another great way to introduce patrons to new flavors alongside such menu staples as chicken wings, breakfast skillets, plant-based offerings, and sandwiches. Some of the fastest-growing Latin-inspired flavors and sauces on U.S. menus include chili lime, chipotle aioli, habanero, and serrano, which can enliven dishes across dayparts. Authentic Latin dishes are demonstrating their versatility across foodservice segments, too. For example, mentions of al pastor have grown 39% on menus over the past four years, up 82% in fast casual alone according to Datassential. Consider items like Passport Global Flavors™ by Custom Culinary® Authentic Latin Flavors to make the tastes of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America come alive on your menu. Whether used as cooking sauces, marinades, or condiments, these versatile products help you create signature dishes inspired by global cuisine.

Incorporating global flavors into your dishes that are creative, approachable, and authentic is a sure way to keep your adventurous diners coming back for more.

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