What does cost uncertainty mean for our beloved, traditional gatherings like Easter Brunch? Rest assured, many consumers right now are willing to pay more because they understand the need for their favorite restaurants to make accommodations necessary to succeed. Bloomberg even speculates that many consumers are willing to pay more simply because they haven't been out in a while.

And yet, there are ways you can host an elegant Easter Brunch while still maximizing your cost-effectiveness and keeping your guests delightfully full and happy.

Do Your Research

Tightening up your cost effectiveness might mean understanding what ingredients can be optimized for the most reach. Think about chicken for instance: You can still serve your famous chicken and waffles for brunch; but opt for cheaper thighs — they're juicier anyway, or ground chicken to make your own crispy, fried sausage-style patties to stack on those fluffy waffles.

And by incorporating more dark meat, you have the ability to purchase chicken at a much cheaper cost to customize in your own kitchen. Just don't forget the gravy!

Embrace the Buffet

This will be especially effective if your establishment is tackling a labor shortage. Buffet-style has many benefits; one being that it lessens the need for the amount of concentrated service required of a typical restaurant meal and that can be key if you're struggling with a staff shortage, whether on the floor or in the kitchen. At the same time, buffet-style is a great go-to since the perceived value is already up in customers' minds. You can charge a bit more per plate because diners are thinking in terms of "unlimited" without remembering that their bellies have a cut-off point.

Also, by having a couple high-ticket items intermingled with cheaper — yet enticing — options, the value of a plate only jumps higher. Consider having a chef serve up a succulent lamb roast at a carving station next to a chafing dish full of steaming hot cheesy grits or a juicy shaved pork tenderloin next to a pancake bar. The balance of decadent and cost-friendly will be a Sunday service your guests will rave about into the summer.

Eggcellent Choice

Recent numbers may have you stressing about eggs, but Easter brunch without them just isn’t the same. Still, you can find adequate substitutions that will allow you to cut back on eggs in some dishes, while saving the showstopper egg atop dishes that can't be compromised.

For breads, meatballs, or anything else you typically use eggs for as a binder, take a tip from the vegan world by making a slurry of ground flaxseed and water for a gummy binder with no egg required. Save more eggs and whip up a seasonal vegetable quiche using silken tofu and a pinch of turmeric for color. Not only will your vegan guests be stoked for a hearty option besides yet another bowl of fruit and oatmeal, your egg-loving guests will be pleasantly shocked at how closely this mirrors the real deal.

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