Return the Favor and Show Them Some Love.

We love our local restaurants. They serve us delicious meals, introduce us to new experiences, and provide amazing settings in which to gather together. And while our focus is rightly on the health of our family, friends, and co-workers at this time, our favorite dining spots are facing a challenging moment. We can help show the love to our restaurant community in a few crucial ways: buying gift cards, and ordering delivery and carry out.

For restaurants, gift cards are big business during holidays and other celebratory days throughout the year. For you planners, this is your moment. Budget in advance and purchase gift cards for birthdays, graduations, wedding gifts – even get some early Christmas shopping done. For the rest of us, simply go online and buy gift cards for ourselves, for use in the near future. When everyone’s dining out, you’ll be glad to have that card in your back pocket.

Many of us are probably going to be spending a bit more time at home. That’s what delivery and carry out are for! If you can’t take the family out, order ahead or online, pop in, and pick up your favorite foods – hot off the presses. And innovative technology has made it easier than ever to get food delivered directly to you – no matter where you are. There are even options to reduce personal interactions during a delivery transaction.

To help our restaurants navigate this period, Performance Foodservice has partnered with Uber Eats in optimizing service. Uber Eats has announced that they will waive all delivery fees on orders from independent restaurants during this unprecedented time, so help out your local spots and save money too! If you’re in the mood for some of your favorite dishes or need to feed the whole family at home, delivery or carry out has got you covered. If you start missing your favorite restaurants, say hello as you pick up, and they will happily come to you as well.

This is a time when communities band together to show their resilience and help lift each other up. Restaurants do that for us every single day through food and fraternity. So hop online and buy a gift card to your favorite spot, and order delivery or carry out for dinner. The dining establishments we love are a gift; let’s return to the favor to them. Very soon, a thriving restaurant industry will lift us all up

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