Elevating your bar menu gives guests a win.

Game day will always be represented by lucky jerseys and the gooey, saucy stuff wet napkins were made for. Though customers still crave the comfort of familiar favorites on the holiest of sports days, the collective palate is shifting. We now live in an era where a dusty old onion ring can't compete on Instagram; where more eaters adhere to gluten-free and vegan lifestyles than ever before. How do you rise to demands of your wide array of clientele without sacrificing the comfort — the tradition — of game day fare?

Follow these three tips to step up your game and guarantee that even if the home team loses, your customers will always win.

Do the Twist

Putting a twist on mass-appeal comfort foods is a way to stay fresh and incorporate new trends. For example, burgers aren't just a patty and cheese. They may include a new sauce, jam, or other creative options to offer guests something new and unique. Burgers still provide classic combinations guests can count on but use in-house smoked meats, homemade rubs, and sauces, to elevate the experience.

Offer vegetarians more than just a mozzarella stick. Include irresistible vegan options that aren't an after-thought, such as barbecue jackfruit sliders topped with pickled red onions.

Think Globally

With Sriracha as common a condiment as ketchup, and spices like za'atar and sumac sneaking on more menus in recent years, diners are definitely more adventurous when it comes to tantalizing their taste buds. Think zingy potstickers dunked in sweet and sour sauce or a rustic Cajun shrimp boil complete with buttery corn on the cob. Simply try rotating flavors on a classic, such as a sauce of the month concept for wings. This results in constant testing, development, and evolution that gives guests even more options.

Deliver the Goods

With the effects of the pandemic lingering, many customers may opt to watch the game at home. That doesn't mean you miss out on business; it's simply an opportunity to get creative with menu tweaks you can make to ensure better travel-ability. Would a burrito bowl arrive safer than tacos in a soggy shell? Can you put together a coursed-out dinner special that can be simply served family-style at home? And never forget the allure of a proper pizza, sales of which have only risen in the last year. Pizza and sweatpants? That's something that will never go out of style.

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