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  • Squid: A Healthier Snack

    Fried, grilled or tossed into a colorful salad, squid is versatile and affordable while lending itself perfectly to platter size dishes for the table to share. Check out some of our calamari serving ideas.

  • Your Menu Needs Pork Belly

    Diners today are much more health conscious and are opting for leaner cuts of meat with less fat. Try our ideas to serve indulgent AllegianceĀ® Pork Belly across your menu a variety of flavor-packed dishes.

  • Don't Forget Pork for a Perfect Burger

    When you think of alternative burgers you probably think of chicken, turkey, or veggie. But don't forget the other white meat, pork. Learn how ground pork can add plenty of juicy flavor to any burger combination.

  • Tips for Turkey and Chicken Burgers

    For meat eaters looking for something a little lighter, ground turkey or chicken make great substitutes for a beef patty. The lighter flavors also mean you can doctor up the grind to create some interesting tastes.

  • Perfecting the Black Bean Burger

    Dense and filling, plus high in protein, black bean patties make for an excellent burger without the meat. Learn our tips to make your burgers flavorful while keeping them vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.

  • Give Seafood a Spot on Your Burger Menu

    Fish or shellfish, the bounty of the sea is the perfect source for a burger patty. The only hard part is narrowing down which variety you want to go with.

  • Sweet Encore Princess Pineapple Cake for Mother's Day

    A Prix Fixe Mother's Day

    Motherā€™s Day is the biggest day for dining out, but also one of the most challenging. Instead of a buffet, serve a prix fixe menu to allow for multiple seatings and easy prep.

  • Use Ridgecrest Hot Dogs for your goumet dog.

    Teach Your Hot Dog New Tricks

    Start with Ridgecrest Black Angus Beef Hot Dogs. Add gourmet toppings. French Dip or Banh Mi hot dogs, anyone? Watch customers come back for more.

  • Empire's Treasure Calamari

    Five Quick Calamari Recipes

    A few simple twists to your classic calamari can easily make it an instagram-worthy menu star. Try these combinations with our Empire's Treasure Calamari.

  • Spicy sausage nachos

    Five Easy Appetizer Ideas

    Our West Creek Dips can be served alone or in delicious appetizers that drive both profits and repeat visits. Here are five of our favorite ideas.