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  • Ridgecrest Cooked Beef

    Meats for the Holiday Table

    The main protein is often the talk of the holiday table, and whether it’s a flavorful prime rib, a sweet glazed ham, or a perfectly browned turkey breast it's perfect to feed a large group and is sure to satisfy.

  • Biscuit

    Try a Biscuit Bar at Brunch

    Brunch has always been a popular forum for biscuits, this year they’ve really been taking off. A great new way to capitalize on this trend is to run is a “build your own” biscuit bar.

  • Caramel candy

    Up Your Game With Take Home Caramel Treats

    With the holiday season rolling around, you’re going to have lots of guests dining at your establishment for special meals, be they celebrations for two or a larger parties. Giving a small treat for your guests to take home will surprise, delight and keep your restaurant in the customer’s mind after the meal.

  • Chicken is a fresh and delicious pizza topping.

    Fresh Pizza Trends

    Today pizza and pizza variations are showing up anywhere from Italian restaurants to trend-forward eateries. Here are some of the latest pizza trends that we've been seeing.

  • Grilled Produce

    Healthy Summer Grilling Ideas

    Chefs are firing up their grills for healthy and innovative takes on appetizers, salads, and desserts. Check out these innovative takes on grilled produce for appetizers, salads, and desserts.

  • oysters

    Celebrate Lent with American Seafood

    Serving seafood during Lent means big money for your business. In fact, several studies have shown that restaurants who offer seafood specials on Fridays during those 40 days can increase seafood sales by up to 20 percent. Since seafood items are already some of your higher dollar menu items, this is a good time to get creative with your menu and see serious results.

  • Herb butter

    Spread the Love With Compound Butters

    Compound butter is a delectable mixture of unsalted butter with savory or sweet ingredients. It's a simple but sublime way to creatively enhance appetizers, entrées or any special offering.

  • chicken wing recipes to spice up your menu

    Six Chicken Wing Sauces To Spice Up Your Menu

    Whether you're getting ready for football or just looking to spice up your menu, we have six fresh wing sauces for you to try out on your menu with your favorite chicken wings. When making wings, we suggest starting with our Roma® Wingzz (bone-in), Roma® Wyngz (boneless), or our West Creek® Wings.

  • healthy kids menu

    Creating A Healthy Kids' Menu

    Learn how to create a healthy kids' menu packed full of superfoods that both children and parents will love!

  • healthy menu options

    Tips for Creating a Healthier Menu

    Get ideas to create a healthier menu filled with lighter dishes that are still flavor-packed. Whether it's the start of the new year or the middle of the summer, diners will love having healthier options.